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  • The Latest NgTLD Updates from CorsearchThu, 04/17/2014 - 21:50

    New gTLDs Launched

    Minds + Machines Sunrises (.FISHING, .VODKA, .RODEO, .COOKING, .HORSE, and .COUNTRY)

    Further to the recent announcement that registry operator Minds + Machines was to launch its new gTLDs .FISHING, .VODKA, .RODEO, .COOKING, .HORSE, and .COUNTRY, we can now confirm the full launch schedule as follows:

    Sunrise Opens

    Sunrise Closes

    Sunrise Type

    Landrush Opens

    Landrush Closes

    General Availability

    (21:00 GMT)

    (16:00 GMT)

    End Date Sunrise
    (not first-come, first-served)

    (21:00 GMT)

    (16:00 GMT)

    (16:00 GMT)

    During the Sunrise period, trademark rights holders may register their domain names provided that the term applied for is in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), with multiple applications for the same domain resulting in an auction.

    During the concurrent Landrush period, domains will be available to the public and non-trademark holders with multiple applications for the same domain also resulting in an auction. Domains registered under the Sunrise period will take priority over Landrush applications for the same name.

    IDNs are available in German, Spanish, and French characters.

    United TLD (Rightside Registry) – .KAUFEN and .CONSULTING

    Registry operator United TLD has announced the launch of the next of its new gTLDs, .KAUFEN and .CONSULTING, as follows:

    Sunrise Opens

    Sunrise Closes

    Sunrise Type

    Landrush Opens

    Landrush Closes

    General Availability



    End Date Sunrise (not first-come, first-served)




    All phases open and close at 17:00 UTC.

    During the Sunrise Phase, trademark rights holders may register their domain names provided that the term applied for is in the TMCH, with multiple applications for the same domain resulting in an auction.  The initial term of registration for a domain is one year.

    Anyone may register a domain name during the Landrush period, with multiple applications for the same domain also resulting in an auction and domains will be available to register on a first-come, first-served basis upon commencement of General Availability.

    During Landrush and General Availability, domains may be registered for 1-10 years.

    IDNs are available for .KAUFEN in French, Spanish, and German characters.


    Registry operator BestTLD Pty Ltd has announced that the Landrush phase for its new gTLD .BEST, scheduled to run from 21 to 28 May 2014, has been cancelled.

    The updated launch schedule is now as follows:

    Sunrise Opens

    Sunrise Closes

    Sunrise Type

    General Availability

    17-Apr-14 (16:00 UTC)

    19-May-14 (16:00 UTC)

    Start Date Sunrise (first-come, first-served)

    21-May-14 (16:00 UTC)

    Domains must be registered for a minimum of two years during the Sunrise period.

    IDNs are available in German characters.

    Donuts Sunrises

    Registry operator Donuts has announced details of its next TLDs to launch into Sunrise on 22 April 2014 as follows:

    New gTLD

    General Availability (Standard Registration) Pricing

    Sunrise Opens

    Sunrise Closes

    Sunrise Type

    Early Access Program (EAP) Day 1

    General Availability


    USD 20



    End Date Sunrise (not first-come, first served)




    USD 13


    USD 20

    The following Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are available for Donuts new gTLDs:

    • English, French, and Spanish in all Latin TLDs, except for German
    • English, French, Spanish, and German in the German TLDs
    • English and Chinese only in the Chinese IDN TLDs


    Registry operator dotSaarland GmbH has announced the launch of its new gTLD .SAARLAND as follows:

    Sunrise Opens

    Sunrise cCoses

    Sunrise Type

    Founders Program Opens

    Founders Program Closes

    Landrush Opens

    Landrush Closes

    General Availability

    18-Jul-14 (10:00 UTC)

    15-Sep-14 (10:00 UTC)

    End Date Sunrise (not first-come, first-served)

    18-Jul-14 (10:00 UTC)

    16-Aug-14 (10:00 UTC)

    23-Sep-14 (10:00 UTC)

    22-Oct-14 (10:00 UTC)

    (10:00 UTC)

    During the Sunrise Phase, trademark rights holders may register their domain names provided that the term applied for is in the TMCH, with multiple applications for the same domain resulting in an auction.

    The registry also intends to open the Sunrise Period to other rights holders from Saarland, such as publicly registered companies and associations, as well as statutory corporations or institutions, wherein eligible parties will be able to apply for domain names corresponding to their marks and/or registered/statutory names. Sunrise applications for strings listed in the TMCH will have precedence over any other Sunrise applications, and applications from statutory entities will have precedence over those of companies and associations.

    A Founders Program will be available, wherein premium domains of general interest will be available to those registrants willing to commit to using such domains in a way that benefits the regional community. However, domains will not be allocated until the end of the Sunrise Period, and Sunrise applications will take precedence over those submitted under the Founders Program. Founders Initiative applications will be evaluated by an independent panel established by dotSaarland e.V.

    During the Landrush phase, domains will be available to all, however priority will be given to registrants based in the Saarland region. Multiple applications for the same domain will result in an auction, but local applications will have precedence over other Landrush applications.

    Domains will be available to allon a first-come, first-served basis under General Availability.

    IDNs will be available in German characters.

    New gTLDs Currently Running

    The top five new gTLDs by volume as of 16 April are as follows:

    New gTLD Domains Registered
    .GURU 49,873
    .BERLIN 45,416
    .PHOTOGRAPHY 32,076
    .EMAIL 22,235
    .LINK 20,050

    A total of 538,093 new gTLDs have been registered to date (Source: DI PRO).

    Closing Soon

    The NgTLDs listed below have Launch phases closing soon. Please submit your applications one–two days before the close of the applicable period to ensure the timely completion of your order.

    Launch Phase New gTLD Closing Date
    Sunrise/Landrush .WED 18-Apr-14
    Sunrise .NAGOYA 19-Apr-14
    Sunrise .BOUTIQUE 19-Apr-14
    Sunrise .BARGAINS 19-Apr-14
    Sunrise .ZONE 19-Apr-14
    Sunrise .CHEAP 19-Apr-14
    Sunrise .AGENCY 19-Apr-14
    Sunrise .IMMOBILIEN 21-Apr-14
    Sunrise .NINJA 21-Apr-14
    Landrush . 中文网 (xn--fiq228c5hs) – Chinese for “Chinese network” 24-Apr-14
    Landrush .在线 (xn--3ds443g) – Chinese for “online” 24-Apr-14
    Sunrise .WATCH 26-Apr-14
    Sunrise .COOL 26-Apr-14
    Sunrise .REVIEWS 28-Apr-14
    Sunrise .FUTBOL 28-Apr-14
    Sunrise .SOCIAL 28-Apr-14
    Landrush .BUILD 28-Apr-14
    Sunrise .WIEN 30-Apr-14
    Landrush .KIWI 30-Apr-14
    Landrush .CLUB 01-May-14
    Sunrise .QPON 02-May-14
    Sunrise .WORKS 03-May-14
    Sunrise .EXPERT 03-May-14
    Sunrise .WIKI 05-May-14
    Landrush .DEMOCRAT 05-May-14
    Landrush .DANCE 05-May-14
    Landrush .LUXURY 09-May-14
    Sunrise .FOUNDATION 10-May-14
    Sunrise .EXPOSED 10-May-14
    Sunrise .VACATIONS 17-May-14
    Sunrise .VILLAS 17-May-14
    Sunrise .FLIGHTS 17-May-14
    Sunrise .CRUISES 17-May-14
    Sunrise .RENTALS 17-May-14
    Sunrise .VOTING 17-May-14 (00:00 UTC)
    Sunrise .BEST 19-May-14
    Landrush .IMMOBILIEN 19-May-14
    Landrush .NINJA 19-May-14
    Sunrise .XYZ 20-May-14
    Sunrise .WANG 21-May-14
    Sunrise .机构 (xn--nqv7f) – Chinese for “agencies/institutions” 22-May-14
    Sunrise .संगठन (xn--i1b6b1a6a2e) – Hindi for “organization/sangathana” 22-May-14
    Sunrise .орг (xn--c1avg) – Russian for “organization/org”) 22-May-14
    Landrush .WIKI 22-May-14
    Sunrise .CONDOS 24-May-14
    Sunrise .MAISON 24-May-14
    Sunrise .PROPERTIES 24-May-14
    Sunrise .TIENDA 24-May-14
    Landrush .REVIEWS 26-May-14
    Landrush .FUTBOL 26-May-14
    Landrush .SOCIAL 26-May-14
    Sunrise .WEBCAM 30-May-14
    Sunrise .TRADE 30-May-14
    Sunrise .BID 30-May-14
    Sunrise .PRODUCTIONS 31-May-14
    Sunrise .EVENTS 31-May-14
    Sunrise .PARTNERS 31-May-14
    Sunrise .DATING 31-May-14


    New gTLDs Delegated

    Twenty further new gTLDs from ICANN’s New gTLD Program have been delegated over the past week, taking the total to 224:

    Date String Registry
    11-Apr-14 .PICTURES Foggy Sky, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .UNIVERSITY Little Station, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .GAL Asociación puntoGAL
    11-Apr-14 .ASSOCIATES Baxter Hill, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .REISEN New Cypress, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .MEDIA Grand Glen, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .CAREER dotCareer LLC
    11-Apr-14 .TOWN Koko Moon, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .TOYS Pioneer Orchard, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .LEASE Victor Trail, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .SERVICES Fox Castle, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .ENGINEERING Romeo Canyon (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .GRIPE Com Sunset, LLC (Donuts)
    11-Apr-14 .EUS Puntueus Fundazioa
    11-Apr-14 .CAPITAL Delta Mill, LLC (Donuts)
    10-Apr-14 .DESI Desi Networks, LLC
    10-Apr-14 .FEEDBACK Top Level Spectrum, Inc.
    10-Apr-14 .COLLEGE XYZ.COM, LLC
    10-Apr-14 .ROCKS Ruby Moon, LLC (Donuts)
    10-Apr-14 .网址 (.xn--ses554g) – Chinese for “network address” Hu Yi Global Information Resources (Holding) Company Hong Kong Limited


    New gTLDs Signed

    The following new gTLD Registry operators have entered into a Registry Agreement with ICANN this week, under which they will operate their new gTLDs:

    New gTLD Registry Operator Date Contract Signed with ICANN
    .DIRECT Half Trail, LLC (Donuts) 10-Apr-14
    .LOTTO Afilias Limited 10-Apr-14
    .TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Corporation 10-Apr-14
    .YANDEX YANDEX, LLC 10-Apr-14

    So far, a total of 382 Registry Agreements have been signed. The full list of Registry Agreements can be viewed at:


    If you have any questions related to new gTLDs, please contact your local Corsearch Account Manager, or email us at

    If you are interested in submitting trademarks to the Trademark Clearinghouse, please contact us at for assistance with the submission process.

  • Former Football Player Takes Nike To Court Over “Lights Out” TrademarkWed, 04/16/2014 - 18:00

    Shawne Merriman, a former NFL player with the San Diego Chargers, has taken legal action against Nike over its new apparel line named “Lights Out,” alleging it violates his own trademark. The ex-football player is also claiming millions of dollars in damages with the lawsuit.

    The case was filed in the San Diego Federal Court on Monday on behalf of Merriman’s company, Lights Out Holdings LLC, according to a press statement filed via EAG Sports Management. In the suit, the player claims that “Lights Out” has been a brand synonymous with his entire career, for which he acquired federal trademark rights after unsuccessful negotiations with Nike for the creation of a “Lights Out” clothing line. Merriman says that after the discussions fell through in 2006, the professional sporting equipment manufacturer decided to use the trademark anyway.

    The football player, who got his “Lights Out” nickname after knocking out opponents in a high school football game, is now suing the company for “unfair competition and trademark infringement.” He is also seeking an immediate and permanent injunction against the use of his trademark and related unfair business practices by the apparel company. He is hoping to receive $2 million per item as compensation for the damages incurred, the statement also said.

    Merriman, who even starred in a commercial for Nike, played for the Chargers between 2005 and 2010. He spent the 2011 and 2012 seasons with the Buffalo Bills before retiring in 2013. Lights Out Holdings LLC manufactures hats, shirts, shorts, nightwear, and tank tops for kids, men, and women, U-T San Diego reports.

    A Nike spokesperson said that the company does not comment on active litigation.

    What other famous athletes have sued to protect the use of their trademark nicknames?

  • Crowdsourcing Requires Major Commitment From BrandsTue, 04/15/2014 - 19:00

    Crowdsourcing is no longer just a source of information for brands, but a powerful marketing tool to help generate innovative ideas. Brands that use crowdsourcing and social media give their audience the chance to talk and actively engage with their business, which improves loyalty and engagement levels. However, in order to achieve their desired goals, brands need to show a willingness to consider the ideas generated through the crowdsourcing process, otherwise they risk losing the trust of their customers.

    Crowdsourcing is an innovative process created as a way of tracking market trends and staying up-to-date with things that inspire today’s consumer. Customers are the heart of crowdsourcing since no one understands brands better than they do, and often the best ideas for product development come from the public. Nevertheless, opening up a branded channel of customer engagement requires perseverance and commitment, Simon Ward, chief executive at Holmes & Merchant, says in a post for Marketing Magazine.

    Ideas generated through crowdsourcing are often dictated by current trends in the market, so the process is intended to help brands act as quickly as possible when an opportunity arises.

    Making consumers part of the co-creation process is a technique already employed by a number of major brands, including Starbucks. The coffee chain used its “My Starbucks Idea” campaign to encourage coffee drinkers to propose ideas about products and experiences. Another brand to use this approach was IKEA through its “Idea Hackers” scheme, which invites customers to share pictures of how they modify IKEA furniture to fit any apartment.

    How have you involved your audience in idea crowdsourcing?