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Inspiro ist weit mehr als nur ein Online-Recherchesystem. Es ist ein Suchmanagement-Tool, mit dem Sie Recherchen durchführen und all Ihre Suchen verwalten, verfolgen, mit anderen teilen und outsourcen können.


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Global Beverage Company

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Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

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Large Food Company

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UK Law Firm

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Swiss law firm

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Multinational pharmaceutical company

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  • DC Comics Claims Valencia’s Bat Infringes Batman TrademarkMon, 11/24/2014 - 15:13

    DC Comics has filed a complaint with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market against Spanish football club Valencia CF claiming that its use of a bat on its crest (pictured below) constitutes trademark infringement.

    The bat has been used on the city of Valencia’s crest since the 13th century when a bat, as legend goes, landed on the flag of James I as he re-took Valencia from the Moors. The football club has used the bat in various iterations since 1919. The DC Comics hero first arrived on the scene in 1939.

    Who do you think is going to be the winner in this match?


  • Wawa Convenience Stores Sues Florida Restaurant for Trademark InfringementThu, 11/20/2014 - 18:30

    Wawa, the American convenience store chain, is suing a Florida restaurant called Wawa Curry Taste of India for “violating its rights to the name.” The restaurant’s owner, Yogi Patel, says the restaurant’s name comes from a Gujerati phrase meaning “good job” or “congratulations.”

    The lawsuit claims that the restaurant’s use of the Wawa name “impairs the distinctive quality” of its trademark, seeks “unspecified compensation” for the use of the name, and asks that the restaurant be prohibited from using it.

    Despite being common in the eastern United States (with over 600 stores), not many people know the origin of the convenience store chain’s name. According to the company’s website, Wawa, Inc. began in 1803 as an iron foundry in New Jersey. The owner expanded into dairy farming and opened a small processing plant in Wawa, Pennsylvania in the early 1900s. The first Wawa Food Market opened in 1964. The company’s logo features a goose since “wawa” is a native American word for the Canada geese found in Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley.

    In a statement to the Orlando Sentinel, a Wawa spokesperson wrote: “At Wawa we support the success of all businesses including Mr. Patel’s Indian restaurant. That said, we have an obligation to protect consumers from any likelihood of confusion that may occur in the marketplace and to protect the brand name, goodwill and reputation that we’ve worked so hard to build over the past 50 years…”

    The restaurant’s owner told the newpaper: “We can’t fight them. We are just a small restaurant, so we will have to change our name.”

  • Beware Counterfeit Ads in Your Holiday Shopping FrenzyTue, 11/18/2014 - 18:30

    Nearly25% of 1,000 fashion and luxury goods ads on Facebook turned out to be for counterfeit products, including Ray Ban sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bags, and Ralph Lauren polo shirts, according to a new study by two cybersecurity researchers reported on Mashable.

    Although the ads and their URLs may look legitimate, be aware that you really don’t know where you could end up once you’ve clicked on it. One of the study’s authors, Andrea Stroppa warned: “… in many cases your credit card is at risk, thanks to obscure payment systems backed by companies you have no idea who they are.”

    Besides the seemingly legitimate URLs, several of the sites examined in the study used fake logos not only for the “designer” brands, but also for the security and payment systems supposedly used on the sites. Many of the domains were found to be registered in China, although it’s impossible to know where the sites are actually located and who runs them.

    A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable: “We prohibit fraudulent or misleading claims or content, and to enforce our terms and policies, we have invested significant resources in developing a robust advertising review program that includes both automated and manual review of ads.”

    Facebook isn’t alone in facing this deluge of counterfeit advertising. Last year, Google removed more than 350 million bad ads and banned approximately 14,000 advertisers for trying to sell counterfeit goods —an 80% decline from 2012.

    What’s the most obvious counterfeit ad you’ve seen recently?