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Inspiro is much more than an online search system. It is a search management tool allowing you to search, manage, track, share and outsource all your searches.

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Expressing your brand

Avantiq® is a one-stop-shop for branding

Creating a distinctive name for your brand

A name is the first and most public expression of a brand. Our highly participative process draws upon resources from around the world.

  • Exploration: Understanding the asset and its competitive landscape is the foundation of name development.
  • Alignment: We define with you alternative branding concepts, imagery and messaging as a basis for creative development.
  • Creation: Our two-step creative process (broad and narrow focus) ensures that the final list comprises candidates derived only from the most competitive naming routes.

Screening, clearance, filing and protection

Flexibility and maximising returns from limited budgets are the hallmarks of our screening and trademark clearance offering.

  • Screening: This is the base to ensure a solid start to your clearance projects. If the name creation phase has not included in-depth screening, we advise starting here.
  • Clearance searches -Main markets: This typically starts with N. America, Main Europe, Remaining Western Europe and Remaining Eastern Europe.
  • Clearance searches -Emerging markets and Rest of World: Phases and registers are interchangeable.
  • Filing and Protection

Domain Names, Social Media and Websites

Your brands do not just live in the physical world but will also have a place in the ether.

  • Domain Name Acquisition: Reserve your preferred domain name or acquire it from an auction site.
  • Clearing House Action: Make sure your trademark is protected in the sunrise periods for future gtlds.
  • Social Media Strategy: Which social media sites are best suited to cover your client base.
  • WebsiteDevelopment: If you tell us which colours and themes as well as what type of client you wish to attract, we can help you create the initial

Market testing and expert review

Our online research platform provides a tailored interface, delivering quality data to support decision making and selection of lead and back-up candidates for regulatory submission.

  • Linguistic: Covering 32 main European, American and Rest of World languages to assess linguistic and cultural suitability.
  • Marketing: Primary research among prescribers and dispensers/consumers in key markets to assess suitability and identify messaging opportunities.
  • Regulatory: This includes database searches and primary research among prescribers and dispensers in the US, Canada, Top 5 EU and other selected markets to assess the risk of potential confusion in prescribing, dispensing and administration.

Filing, Watching and Anti-Counterfeit Strategy

After spending time and money to create your brand you need to ensure that all the elements are protected now and for the future

Filing: using our Worldwide agent network we can assist you with a successful filing strategy

Watching: ensure that other parties do not register trademarks similar to yours and to avoid dilution of your brand

Counterfeit Strategy: the creation of a comprehensive strategy will assist reduce risks to your brand and the consumer

Copyright: make sure that all protectable assets are safe from infringement including the written mater