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Inspiro is much more than an online search system. It is a search management tool allowing you to search, manage, track, share and outsource all your searches.

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Use INSPIRO’s sophisticated proprietary search system to conduct the search you need.  A preliminary search in any database, an extensive search in your own jurisdiction, an on-top search for marks found in an offline search reports or a quick verification of data. Whatever the search you wish to carry out, use Inspiro® to get the information you need quickly and cheaply.

Follow the simple 3 steps to obtaining your trademark data:

  1. Select the databases
  2. Enter your search query
  3. Add other fields such as class or owner


Ways to search:

Inspiro® offers more flexibility than any other search system.

You can use the Custom Search form - entering one or more trademark names to search simultaneously including multiple wildcard patterns.

Try the Intuitive Query Search - our proprietary system imitates the choices humans make by recognizing and comparing marks, automatically detecting phonetic and visual correspondences, anagrams, letter differences and vowel and consonant variations.

Or you can achieve superior search results by simultaneously combining exact and extensive wildcard searching with intuitive query search.


Hit and document retrieval

Conduct as many variations as you want, use our intuitive query search, or combine both—be as thorough as you need to be. INSPIRO® allows you to look at and print as many trademark names as you like—and view full logos—without incurring any costs*.  With INSPIRO,® you pay only for the documents you choose to download for further review and analysis.  Because you are able to preview all the trademark names of interest, INSPIRO® allows you to easily select only the marks for which you need to see full information, and download them permanently into your account where they are always available—never pay twice for the same information within your search.


*Valid for all databases except IMS Pharma In-Use and Domain Name files