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Device mark Services


  • Comprehensive, legal or with overall opinion, all Avantiq device mark searches start with a close examination of the image to ensure that the applicable Vienna Codes are selected.
  • If your device mark consists of a stylized letter design we also provide complimentary identical word searches.



For this in-depth search, our experienced device search analysts closely examine the device to ensure that all applicable Vienna codes are selected for the search.  If your device mark consists of a stylized letter design, we also provide complimentary additional identical word searches.
All device marks found are analyzed by our experts, taking the similarity of the design into consideration. We also study owner information, compare goods and services and review the status and age of the mark.
The selected device marks—which match all your specified criteria—are compiled in a report format unique to this search. First, we provide an easy-to-read overview, showing the design and any associated word parts. Within this section, all essential information, such as owner, goods and services, application/registration date, and status can be found at a glance. We then provide full documentation for each device mark, as well as a separate page with a magnified view of the design for closer review.
Additionally, we offer great flexibility in report generation— you can customize to suit specific needs.

Comprehensive with Overall Opinion

As for our word mark searches with overall opinion, if you plan to file a trademark in multiple countries—such as the European Union—you may need a general opinion on the availability of your mark. Our overall opinion is provided by an experienced attorney, with regional knowledge, who will work through all search results and provide a consistent overview on potentially conflicting marks in the countries searched. It purposely does not provide an individual opinion on each single country, rather, it is sound business advice.


The legal device search is a comprehensive device search with a legal opinion provided by our local associates. Once the search is complete, the local attorney will review and analyze the results, pairing his local knowledge with your specific needs. The end result is practical advice instead of counsel based on theoretic risks. He will comment on each cited mark, highlighting the similarity of the device and will advise, when appropriate, how to overcome the potential obstacles. His conclusion will be clear and concise, making it easy for you to decide on your next step.

Covered by one or more claims of United States Patent Nos 6.981.007, 7.647.364, 7.925.628 and 7.974.951