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Inspiro is much more than an online search system. It is a search management tool allowing you to search, manage, track, share and outsource all your searches.

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Make decisions more quickly through the use of colours and tools, such as for rating marks and identifying portfolio or competitors' marks.

INSPIRO® has a truly innovative and timesaving way of working through your search results using the Review Results module to easily investigate your findings further. The marks you purchase and download will be stored on your virtual desk, where you can then sort and rate them by relevance. Filter, sort, group, rate and select marks using our unique ExpertView™ where you can see the most relevant information about each mark at a glance, including a Google link to help you research further on the trademark or the owner.

INSPIRO® uses an intuitive color-coding system to help you work most efficiently with your search results, allowing you to group, evaluate and further investigate the significance of the trademarks found.

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