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Inspiro is much more than an online search system. It is a search management tool allowing you to search, manage, track, share and outsource all your searches.

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Smart Tools

Use INSPIRO® SmartTools™ to automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to rate the risk of each trademark using specific colour codes.  

Use the Competitor & Portfolio tool to analyse the ownership of trademarks, domain and company names. Isolate and highlight the IP records presenting each level of risk.

Our Regulatory Comparison Tool  allows you to evaluate the degree of similarity between your proposed name and drug names found in the Pharmaceutical In Use database. It uses the linguistics algorithms created by the FDA to identify existing drug names that are similar in either sound or spelling to the proposed name.

Additional tools allow you to also import data from external sources, outsource all or parts of your search, re-run past queries, and to translate goods and services, view all INN stems and browse Nice classifications.