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Inspiro is much more than an online search system. It is a search management tool allowing you to search, manage, track, share and outsource all your searches.

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Wordmark Services


  • We do not simply generate listings and send them to you, whether the search is conducted by our expert search analysts or by one of our associates.
  • Search strategies are carefully developed by our team of expert analysts then combined with our intuitive query search system.
  •  A senior search analyst then reviews and analyses the results, going beyond the obvious similarities of sounds, look and connotations.
  • The importance of the goods and services, the age of the mark, whether it is vulnerable to cancellation and the status are also taken into consideration.
  • This personal attention ensures that your report contains the marks that are significant according to your requirements.


Identical knock-out

Retrieves identical and phonetically identical trademarks. The identical knock-out search is the ideal cost efficient first step in eliminating trademarks at an early stage of your clearance process.

Advanced Identical

Using thoughtfully selected variation’s based on prefix and suffix, synonyms and part-words, plus vowel and consonant sequences, this search gives you a good overview of conflicting prior marks. The advanced identical search is available for all Avantiq® databases. It is the ideal way to either clear descriptive terms or a reliable filter for multiple coined-mark searches, allowing you to upgrade the survivors to a comprehensive search.


Our analysts combine a handcrafted search strategy based on the visual, phonetic and conceptual similarity with an automated search query to ensure you see the full landscape of possibly conflicting prior marks.

Comprehensive with Overall Opinion

When you plan to file a trademark in multiple countries—such as the European Union—you may need a general opinion on the availability of your mark. Our overall opinion is provided by an experienced attorney, with regional knowledge, who will work through all search results and provide a consistent overview on potentially conflicting marks in the countries searched.
It purposely does not provide an individual opinion on each single country, rather, it is sound business advice.

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Trademark practice varies considerably from one country to another, complicating the trademark application process for non-locals.

The legal search pairs our comprehensive search with the expertise of our qualified local associate, who will review and analyze the results, comment on the similarity of each mark cited, point out any local constraints such as family name rights or moral codes, advise in case of negative connotation, discuss owner information, and propose methods to overcome potential barriers.

Our associates, who have extensive experience in local law and customs, understand that you need practical advice instead of formulaic counsel based on theoretic risks. These attorneys provide a clear and concise picture of the local situation on which you can better base your decision.

Should you have additional concerns, we are happy to liaise with our associates, who will provide further advice related to your search results. If needed, we can set up a direct connection between you and our associate.