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Inspiro est plus qu'un système de recherche en ligne, c'est également un outil de gestion de recherche grâce auquel vous pouvez chercher, gérer, suivre, partager et sous-traiter toutes vos recherches.

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Legal Process Outsourcing


Avantiq® understands that you have a preferred relationship with your agents. That is why we are introducing our Legal Process Outsoucring Service. Maintain the existing relationship while taking away the administrative and organisational hassle of using your agent network for your Trademark Searches.



  • Keep your strategic relationship with your agents while enjoying the hassle free convenience of working with a service provider
  • Concentrate on maintaining a privileged relationship while Avantiq® takes care of the administrative relationship
  • No need to keep track of agent invoices and deadlines for your search projects anymore
  • Know your budget and timeline for every project before you launch your searches through your agent network
  • Strategically invest the IP department time into other value-driving work
  • Avantiq’s service fee is clear, transparent and pre-arranged for one full year

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