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Inspiro is much more than an online search system. It is a search management tool allowing you to search, manage, track, share and outsource all your searches.

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Pharma Services

When it comes to pharma, think Avantiq®


Having been involved in the pharmaceutical industry since our inception, we continue to maintain a unique expertise in this highly specialized field—while continually building on our knowledge of the industry.

Our searchers understand the requirements of pharmaceutical industry. The search strategies used will vary depending on the depth of the search (screening or clearance) but they combine standard variations with those specifically targeted to consider name safety. Marks revealed are analysed by searchers with expert pharmaceutical knowledge. They are familiar with therapeutic codes, administration, dosage, product status (Rx, OTC or generic), competitive products, client affiliates and partners,.

Choose Avantiq® as your partner from start to finish or where you need assistance most. Whether your project is local, regional or global.



Eliminate unfavorable candidates during the pre-filing phase.

  • Connotation analysis and linguistic checking
  • Identical Knockout domain name and company name search
  • Identical Knock-out search
  • Advanced Identical search
  • Top5EU™ Identical Knock-out or Advanced Identical
  • Euro27™ Identical Knock-out or Advanced Identical


Further examine your trademark candidates with complete searches, finding all relevant potential obstacles.

  • Comprehensive word and design mark
  • Top5EU™Comprehensive or Legal Search
  • Euro27™Comprehensive or Legal Search
  • Legal search
  • Overall legal opinion*
  • Extensive domain name search
  • Local company name search
  • In-Use investigation
  • Common law search

Name-finding projects

Avantiq® specializes in managing name-finding projects. Avantiq® organizes all logistics relating to the proposed product, including acting as an objective go-between for the marketing and legal departments. From the creation phase to the clearing phase, Avantiq®'s complete action plan coordinates all searches in each phase. Avantiq® designs your personalized project according to your needs and budget.

* Covered by one or more claims of United States Patent Nos 6.981.007, 7.647.364, 7.925.628 and 7.974.951